Monday, November 19, 2012

Wrightsville Beach to Shallotte Inlet NC (Monk's Island)

ICW 283 to 335

We spent three nights in Wrightsville Beach, waiting for the Nor'easter to pass.  It hasn't yet, but we decided it was time to move on anyway.  A few other boats had the same idea, and the front floating dock was full all weekend with cruisers.

We did have a very nice time.  We had use of the loaner car at SeaPath YC, and did a bit of exploring and shopping.  We slept great and made the most of the weather.  We even caught a movie.

Bonnie found the recycling center and I found West Marine.

Winds on Sunday night gusted to 42kts.  We sure felt trapped.  This morning is was a bit better.  Gusts only to 26 kts.  We had the tide and current and wind with us, so we decided to go.  It wasn't as rough as we thought.  The cut had a 3 kt current in our favor and we flew through to the Cape Fear River.  The river tide was slacking and not too bad.  There were long and large swells, bit they were from behind, with the wind, and were gentle on us.

We turned west on the ICW past Cape Fear, and went as far as we could go until dark.  As the sun was setting, we passed a beautiful inlet (other than it being low tide, 25 kt winds and a 2 kts current) that looked incredible in with the setting sun shining from behind us.  So we decided to drop the hook here.

Its probably not the wisest spot, but we have are good enough at this to get a shallow spot out of the channel and the wind almost anywhere.  I will be checking our position often, but we seem to be holding well.

There is 3G coverage, and we saw a beautiful sunset.  I even did a little fishing - caught nothing.  I'll try again at first light.  Tomorrow we hope to make South Carolina about lunch time.

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