Sunday, November 11, 2012

Cape Charles to Great Bridge

We returned Dora's car, which she kindly loaned to us for almost a week while we are in Cape Charles while awaiting the Nor'easter to pass.  We said our goodbyes and Mike dropped us back at the harbor.  We went by the fuel dock and filled up with 60 gallons of ethanol free gas for the boat.  Bonnie also filled the water tank, as our hose was too short to reach the working spigot on the floating dock.

The winds were about 10 kts from the East and we motored sailed down the bay to Norfolk.  We passed the Route 64 Bridge/Tunnel, Tyler's college (ODU), the Navy base where they were working on the Enterprise, Eisenhower, and Abraham Lincoln.  I think they are all to be decommissioned.

Route 64 Bridge/Tunnel
Old Carriers in Norfolk

There was a good bit of commercial traffic and a line of about 10 cruising boats heading to the ICW.  The power boats always seem to miss seeing the no wake signs.  A power cat running down past a Navy dry dock got quite a surprise when the patrol boat pulled out in front of him, waving him down.  Too bad they did not want to be bothered with detaining him.

We sent a text message to Tyler, but he was working so could not come wave as we passed.  We did get to see him in Cape Charles though, which was very nice.

Nauticus in Norfolk

We re-re-re-discussed whether to take the dismal swamp canal or not.  We ended up deciding on Route 1, the main ICW route.  We went about 12 miles into the ICW, to the Great Bridge Lock, and Bonnie got to experience her first Lock.  I think the water only lowered about 4".

Great Bridge Lock

Just after the lock we tied up at the visitors center next to the boat we chatted with in the Lock.  Ian and Lynn were wonderful people, living on their Fuji 45.  They came over drinks and appetizers - which ended up being dinner for Bonnie and I.

Night at the Visitors Center

I made a valiant attempt to fix the leak in the pump handle of the head, but only succeeded in making it worse. I guess I need to get a rebuild kit for it.

We ran the generator and had heat all night.  That was great, except that I had to refill it at 2am.

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