Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Weekend in Rock Hall

We spent the weekend in Rock Hall with about 20 boats from SRYC. It was a great time. We broke the spinnaker. The head was dry rotted and snapped. No 50 kt winds this time. Another sail to get repaired. :-(

We took the trolley to Chester town for the wacky boat race. It was fun to watch. We had a wine and cheese party at Will's house. An incredible place on the edge of the river.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


We're in the water! Launch last week and motored up to Annapolis. She is sitting quietly at her mooring awaiting new sails. We should have the jib this week and repaired main early in June. Memorial Day will be with only head sails or motoring I guess.

We have a few little projects to get her ready for weekend trips. The other projects will be done as time and budget permit.

We also added a convection oven so Bonnie could bake. She found a great caterer's oven and her brother had a stainless steel sleeve made for it. I cut the front of the life jacket locker and it fit perfectly.