Thursday, April 30, 2009

Almost ready for the water

A few more tasks and we will be ready to go... We have had so much going on this winter that getting back to boating will be a great stress reducer. We are looking forward to a great year.

Mike went up the mast to figure out why the topping lift was stuck. Apparently the line jumped the track and was stuck against the other block and halyard. So that is all fixed.

All I need is a main sail... We should have quotes this week.

We are planning on launching "Dessie" on May 13th. We have been busy with projects and figuring out how to save some cash after all the time and expense of working on the houses. With my old house up for sale, we hope to have a much less stressful springtime.

We ran out of bottom paint and need to finish up. I cut into the life jacket locker and installed a sleeve for the convection oven Bonnie purchased last fall. It looks really great. I'll have to remember to take a photo of it.