Friday, November 16, 2012

Broad Creek to Pungo River Anchorage

ICW 61 - 127

We were up at 6am and on the move before 7am.  There was a beautiful sunrise as the fog burned off.  It was clam with clear skies, but pretty cold.

Desert Star in the fog

We crossed the sound with no problem and entered the Alligator River.  The swing bridge was timed almost perfect.  The channel makes a lazy S curve, but the area is quite deep.  So we motored straight across to the entrance to the cut.  The winds picked up a bit and we were able to motor sail.

In the river we saw an upside down floating tree.  The root ball was partially above the water, although the water was 11 feet deep.  That and the occasional crab pots keep us alert and watching our path with interest.

Our friends on Windward, staying in the channel, at marker 35 hit sometime hard.  Guess its no better in the channel.  Fortunately they had no damage from it.

We entered the cut and were careful to stay in deep water.  The tree stumps lining the banks were a good reminder. But about 3/4 of the way down the cut, in 12 feet of water, we bumped across the top of something hard.  The starboard keel bumped, then, before I was throttled back fully, the rudder hit.  It was just enough to bend the rudder post back enough to hit the hull, and make steering almost impossible.  Crap!

We limped down the rest of the cut, steering with the engines and only when needed, the rudder.  We entered the Pungo River Anchorage about 4:30.

On the bright side, the lobster soup Bonnie was making in the solar oven looked pretty good.  So we invited Ian and Lynn for dinner and tried not to be too glum.

We lost a bit of sleep worrying about the boat, and I ran a lot of options through my head.

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