Sunday, April 15, 2012

Windrider 16

Late last summer I talked with a really nice guy about buying his Windrider 16.  I was fascinated by the boats and their speed and stability.  I wanted something I could take for a quick sail after work, and not have to get the PDQ prepped.

He wasn't sure when he was going to sell it, so I ended up getting a cute little Hobie Wave.

Last week, he sent me an email and said he was ready to sell it.  Well, even though we have way to many boats (just ask Bonnie, she'll tell you), the price was right and I thought it might be a great boat for Cape Charles. So...

Windrider 16 on Beach in Oyster Harbor
I did not get time to try it until the 14th.  I spent the morning by the boat ramp near our house figuring it all out.  The website says it can be set up in 15 minutes.  Well maybe after a bit of experience, but certainly not the first time.  A trip to Home Depot replace a few missing bolts, and I got it put together and under way.

One awesome addition was an electric trolling motor the previous owner had set up for it.  It was a great way to get it out of the ramp area and through the 20' wide, 300' long canal, to the Bay.

The morning sail was nice and the winds were calm.  I beached the boat by the house and spent the middle of day doing some house projects with Bonnie. Somehow I keep forgetting we are renovating a house.

The winds had picked up and I went back out in the afternoon.  There was some good chop, and the boat cuts through it small waves, as advertised.  If the waves are big, the top part of the wave ends up in your lap.  I only have a foul weather top on, and is was not zipped.  Brrrrr.  I think the water was about 50F.

So now another boat sits on the floating dock awaiting summer.  Fortunately Bonnie has a contract on a house in Cape Charles, VA. So I'll need a RIB, a kayak, and small sailboat down there to match the ones up here - right?

Here is some additional info on the Windrider -

I'm searching the shed for my wet suit...