Friday, November 2, 2012

Luke's Geo-Buddy Goes for a Ride

Dear Luke:
Your friends the Syverson’s mailed me to Annapolis Maryland this past week.

Arrived at 1413 Ellis Road, Annapolis, MD
(Oct 31, 2012) I arrived just in time for Hurricane Sandy, where I spent the storm on a sailboat in the harbor.  The winds got up to 60 miles per hour.  The boat almost sank, but neighbors came and bailed the boat out.

It was scary on the boat.  The waves were big and the wind was very strong.  We had 12" of rain over three days.

 (Nov 1, 2012) Last night I attended a party at the Smithsonian Air and Space museum (at Dulles Airport) to celebrate the Space Shuttle Discovery moving to Virginia.  There was great food and a big party.
Bonnie took me to the Air and Space Museum for a party.

The Shuttle Discovery is the newest exhibit at the Air and Space Museum.
On Saturday, Nov 3rd, the Epstein’s are taking me south with them on their sailboat.  They plan to sail down the east coast to Florida in November, and then across the Gulf Stream to the Bahamas in January.

Tomorrow I leave on this boat.  I'm tucked away in Eric's backpack.

You can follow their trip (and mine) here at

They promise to mail me back to you in December.

There is a lot happening on the East Coast.

Your Geo-Buddy

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