Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday on the Chesapeake Bay

Today was a beautiful Fall day on the Bay.  This is the first autumn for Bonnie and I in Annapolis.  The everyday experience is as good as the summer was.  Being four houses from the Bay on one side and 25 or so houses from the creek where we keep a variety of boats to play on is really great.

This afternoon I took our good friends out a for a sail on the new Hobie cat.  Diane and Lucy came on the boat, while Tim recorded with their video camera from the crab pier.

Lucy had a great time and we all only got a little wet.

Here is video I took with the GoPro camera.

Then I took Casey's dog Keely for a sail.  She loves the water and is eager to be on it, by it, or in it.  She didn't seem too trilled at the cool water temperature though, and was happy just to go for a short ride.

Then I recorded packing up the Hobie to see how long it took.  It was just under 7 minutes to pack it all up.  Another reason I like the Hobie.

We had a light dinner and Bonnie continued to wash bottles for her new Bottle Slumping Hobby.

The PDQ 36 gets hauled out November 2nd for the winter.  I really hope this is the last year, and that next year we will be taking it south that first week of November.  Here's hoping...

Sunday, October 16, 2011

New Hobie Wave

I sailed Hobie's when I was a kid and always enjoyed Beach Cats at resorts.  Finding this used one at a great price made the decision pretty easy for us, me anyway, to have one at the end of the street.

We purchased a used Hobie Wave a couple weeks ago, as I was looking for a fun little boat to play on the Bay with.  The PDQ is great, but its fun to have something that I can set up and use quickly.

I have had to Hobie to about 15 knots off Thomas Point.  I haven't tipped it over yet, and with the weather getting colder I might avoid trying to do it.

Here is a video of an easy ride on October 16th.

We sold the Carolina Skiff, as it would balance the cost of the Hobie, and is not useful for when we go spend winters in the Bahamas.  We think it would be better to upgrade our RIB and get a larger engine. Perhaps in the next couple months we may purchase an aluminum AB RIB with a new engine and small console to take with us as our tender.