Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Staying On Course

Staying on course with life's goals and ideas can be quite a challenge sometimes. Work, family, events and distracting adventures can certainly get in the way.

I have been on a 5 year, then 6 year, now 7 year track to move to Annapolis and spend winters on the boat travelling the Gulf coast, Bahamas, and Caribbean.  We've gotten a little delayed along the way, but have managed to stay mostly on course.  We did move to Annapolis - which is fantastic!  Found a foreclosure which will hopefully make us a bunch of equity! Have wonderful renters in the other house! Hope to buy an inexpensive place in Cape Charles as an investment/retreat/later retirement place.

For 2012 the plan is to have a bunch of small vacations during the summer, along with a few decent adventures in the boat.  At the same time I hope to finish prepping the boat for the winter voyage south.

We wont be able to spend the entire winter on the boat this year, but will probably do a month on, month off, leaving the boat in various marinas as the go back and forth to work and life up here.

All-in-all its looking pretty good.  Most of the distractions have been pretty large; kids in college, buying a foreclosure to renovate, travels to places like Croatia, etc.  Considering the magnitude of these, the fact that we are still heading in the same direction is pretty good.  

I guess you could call these events "Head Winds"...     ...Here's hoping for a mild Springtime...