Sunday, October 16, 2016

Our Community Commercial

We haven't posted anything in a while, as there has not been much in the way of adventures.  I've taught some STEM classes, worked, and continued to be President of our Community.

Bonnie's business is going very well and she is enjoying its growth.  Bonnie is also still working on the house remodeling and applying her artistic skills to it.

As part of the Intern work I set up for the community, I thought a project to create a commercial for the community would help build a bigger sense of community, as well has help Realtors' represent what Oyster Harbor has going for it.

Here is a draft of the commercial so far.

I recently started doing IT Security work on a contract for the Census.  Its a huge project and I am excited about it.  But it will take away from sailing time and our adventures will have to wait a bit longer.

But there is a good bit of vacation, so I hope to have some short trips to share.