Sunday, November 11, 2012

Great Bridge Lock to Broad Creek

We got a somewhat lazy start in the morning.  We got up about 6:30am and I thought I would replace the spark plugs on the port outboard as it was acting up periodically yesterday.  With my zero engine knowledge I deduced it was from the spark plugs. I pulled out my spare parts box for the engines, where I have a dozen or more spark plugs.  Oddly, none were the right size.  Apparently some where for the Honda generators, some for the old Honda outboard, some for the old Merc outboard, and the new ones were for perhaps the old engines on the boat, or I bought the wrong ones.  Who knows.  So I used a wire brush on the existing ones and they seems happier today.  And I have no spark plugs for the PDQ's Yamaha's engines or the new Tohatsu on the dink - silly me.

We followed our new friends on Windward through the 8am opening at Great Bridge, and down the ICW.  It was a beautiful day and we made good progress.  We followed Windward's lead and timed all the bridges well.  Winds were from the east at 10-12 kts. I had the jenny up for about 20 minutes on one stretch of the channel when the wind direction was good for a little boost.

The view during much of the day

We anchored with Windward at Broad Creek anchorage and joined them for a happy hour.

Just before sunset in Broad Creek

Bonnie made Crab Chowder in the solar oven during the day and we enjoyed it for dinner.

The solar oven doing its job

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