Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A warm spell but getting cold again

We had a warm spell and everythign looks good onboard. I did not get any projects done, but it was nice to at least sit on the boat and dream of warmer days to come. We have a large project list, as well as Spring commissioning to do.

The 'short list' is:
New Sails, Fix Rudders, Clean all tanks, Commission 4 outboard engines, Install plasteak in cockpit (someday), build oven Stainless Steel sleeve and cut opening , replace hot water hoses add hot water heater overflow drain, replace Head shower control, shower head, Ck water pump surge load, Rebuild holding tank pump, Chg line on skiff floating dock, Chg anchors, New anchor chain, Sun screens for hard top, make a clear windshield for hard top w new clips, Buy new blocks and longer lines for dingy davits, replace some of the running rigging, Fix corrosion on A-Sym, unstick toping lift, sew a Bonnet for helm, make a net for birds, sew winch covers, install Pelican hooks on life lines, replace pads on rear life lines, possibly buy batteries, add a 12vdc sockets in bunks, Fix gauge on wind gen, trace fuses added on batt switch, deck hardware inspection, add auto bilge switch, label every cable and hose, Fix 12 outlet at helm, Add two cleats on bow, New mooring ball and briddle, make a second, smaller bridle for anchor, put tread on floor in shower, add tool pockets for workshop, install TV/computer monitor, Fix speedo (spring), install a water level gauge, change fuel filters and water separators 320R-RAC-01 on OBs, Add water separator to skiff engine, new chain for Mooring ball, float, and reconnect it all, find Leak in window, add automatic Bildge switch to starboard hull, Install pump for AC drain, install MOB system, make and install light plates with lights, fan, and fire alarm (1 over galley) (7 each), add fresh water hose spicket in starboard aft well, replace light bulbs in anchor, stern, and spreader lights, change Hot water heater hoses.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

2008 Recap

October 23 2008 – I was energized by the experience Bonnie had going to Reedville and wanted to get the boat to 10 kts. So we took her out on a windy Saturday. The winds ended up being a lot more than expected. We blew out both the main and jenny.

It was an expensive trip, but other than the sails, no damage to the boat.

You can read the full story on

October 13 2008 – We did an overnight, continuous run to Reedville to give Bonnie an idea of standing watches.

We did 120 miles in 28 hours, only stopping for breakfast and a nap.

Denny accompanied us. It was a fun trip and a great test of the boat and its new owners.

Bonnie and Eric at the launch of our new boat.

September 2008Baltimore, Hurricane Hanna, Annapolis

This is a recap of 2008 and before we moved to Blogger.com

August 2008 – Bottom painted, launched, shake down trips to Annapolis, St Michaels, and Deal. Speeds to 8.8 kts. Saw a water spout in St Michaels. Carl was first overnight guest. Tyler and Robert did first night sail with us.

Bonnie enjoying the headroom in the galley. She purchased a convection oven which we need to make a stainless steel sleeve for.

During August and September, we sailed around the Annapolis area, St. Michaels, and Baltimore getting to know the boat.

We had an incredible time and got pretty good at handling her.

We now have to worry about overtaking other boats. That's sometime new for us.

Winter 'on the hard'

It’s very cold. Everything in the boat is frozen.

Hopefully nothing is damaged from ice expanding in hoses or equipment.

We are reading other PDQ owner's blogs and feeling envy of their travels. Just two more years and out youngest will be out of high school and we can escape for the winter.

We are planning a lunch one day for PDQ owners still stranded int he Annapolis area.