Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Shallotte Inlet to Butler Island, SC

ICW 335 to 395

The night went very well.  I got up once when the tide changed and the anchor alarm went off.  Dessie was sitting just fine and the anchor held fine.  The current was probably 3 kts in each direction and the winds were howling again at gusts over 25 kts.  Will it EVER get warm and sunny!

We got up while it was still dark and were underway just as the sun was rising.  We really wanted to make Georgetown, SC, but that was not to be.

We entered South Carolina about 8:08 am.  The current was with us much of the way.  Then it changed.  We seemed to have it and the wind against us for the next 45 miles.

We passed the Casino boats, a lot of bridges, and the rock pile (a narrow cut with rocks on each side).

Casino Boats

Lighthouse along ICW

Three tugs, a large barge, and couple hundred feet of pipe.  The  last tugs was steering from behind like a  large fire truck

The bridges were monitoring channel 9 and opened on request.  However, we found if a boat was just far enough ahead of us, that the bridge just closed, they will make us wait a while.

We passed our friend Brooke's house.  We tried to reach her, but no luck. So we anchored on the back side of Butler Island, where two other boats also dropped their hook for the night.  I tried some fishing with a little lure, and even tried hanging the dive light over the side to attract fish.  No luck.

But what a great time we are having.  We motor, motor sail and even sometimes sail, for many miles - with our well provisioned home and all the comforts.  We stop when we want, or go when we want.  We have cell phone coverage much of the time, and talk with family and friends as easily as in Annapolis.  When evening comes, we drop the hook, eat a terrific meal, do a little fishing, make new friends, and/or have a quiet evening together.  It can't be beat!

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