Sunday, November 4, 2012

Leaving Annapolis

We left Annapolis about 8:30am. A bit later than expected. Winds were moderate from the northwest and I figured we'd get a good run in before the winds slowed. At least that was what the forecast said.

We took the last load down to the boat and hugged the dogs. Hopefully Casey will give them lots of attention while we are gone.

It was pretty chilly and Bonnie made some great Cappuccino for us.

The wind started out about 15-17 kts with gusts into the 20s. By early afternoon it was 25-28 with gusts to 32. That was not in the forecast.

The seas were pretty high, but it was manageable. They were mostly from behind and to starboard slightly. We did some nice surfing down waves, hitting 13 kts at times.

At the mouth of the Potomac it got a bit crazy. Crossing seas created some chaotic and large waves.

Bonnie wasn't too happy with all that and filed an official complaint. I was getting tired as well from constantly adjusting to surf waves. My desire for surfing was certainly fulfilled for a while.

We ducked into the Little Wicomico and found a shallow spot near the trees to anchor for the night. We were in bed by 8:00pm. The heater was running and we were warm and cozy!
Nice Speed but rough...
Bonnie all bundled up and chatting on the phone.

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