Monday, September 23, 2019

Not keeping the Blog up-to-date

So I left the Blog behind and moved mostly the YouTube and Facebook for tracking events.  I probably should have kept this page up, and at least provided links.

That said, here are links to the places I tend to post our travels and events.

My YouTube Channel
Being that I got so deeply into video, I have mostly posted our adventures on YouTube. The biggest adventure has been our 21 days we spent in South Africa. Current and future Boat videos will be on this page as well.

High Water Media's YouTube Channel
About a year ago, Julien Jacques and I started a Video Production company.  We got some nice contracts ranging from Food Expositions to Boat Delivery videos.  Things related to PR for our company are posted on the link above.

Annapolis Marine Services
Jonathan and I started a Marine Services company this year.  This is our website. We will eventually have some PR videos on this YouTube Channel.  Our most famous customer so far has been Distant Shores III. Pretty impressive for a 6 month old company.

I'm still President of the Oyster Harbor Community. Its a great place to live. The community is rich in history and great people.

I recently joined the Board of Charting Careers.  A non-profit that helps 'at risk' kids overcome the obstacles to success.

Somewhere in there I still do IT work, Bonnie has her Amazon 3rd party seller business for bath and kitchen products, I still judge FIRST Robotics events, teach STEM classes when I can, and I hope to have my Captains License in a couple weeks, so that I can deliver sailboats periodically.

Somewhere in there are also five grown kids and a granddaughter.   I am somewhat good at posting events on my Facebook page. But I'll add to this page periodically as I remember to.

So that's life currently.  A bit busy, but oh so much fun!

Thanks for reading and following along.

Happy first day of Autumn,