Wednesday, March 23, 2011

March 3rd and 4 th - US Virgin Islands

Thursday, March 3rd

We flew down to the US Virgin Islands on Thursday to have a couple days to unwind before our sailing charter was to start on Saturday.

Fortunately we have friends in Paradise and met up with Julian and a coworker of his Mark who is an avid catamaran racer. 

We waited for Julian at the bar in the baggage claim.  Yes, a bar in baggage claim!  How come the airlines here haven’t figured out that a bar would take the edge off of waiting for bags at airports? 

Julian is being reassigned to Washington DC which Bonnie and I just cannot fathom as I was figuring out on a napkin over dinner how much of a pay cut I can handle to apply to be the PC Technician for the TSA at the St Thomas Airport.  I might be a bit overqualified, but we could live on the sailboat and Bonnie could sell stuff on the Internet to pad our livelihoods.

Anyway, with all the kids, animals, and properties that dream was short lived – for now.

So Julian, Mark, Bonnie and I ate conch and talked of Caribbean islands, how those two came to live here, and catamarans.  It was a great evening.

Our room at the Frenchman’s reef was inside facing but very reasonably priced.  As we would have a week of on-the-water views, we weren’t worried about seeing a garden for a couple nights.

Friday March 4th

Friday we took the water taxi from Frenchman's reef to downtown and toured the shops and water front. 

The Iguanas were eying bonnie as she has a red top on, and their favorite food is a red flower.

The rain came just as we were crossing the Bay.  Fortunately we had raincoats with us.  The water taxi captain suggested a restaurant in town for lunch and to stay dry until the rain passed.

After the rains we were treated to a nice rainbow.

Bonnie found a Blue diamond ring in one of the shops and she bought me a new pair of sunglasses for the trip.

We spent all day in St Thomas and met up with Mark and Julian for sushi on Friday night.

BTW - All the photos from trip are posted at: 

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