Monday, April 18, 2011

March 5 - 12, 2011 in the British Virgin Islands

I never did put together the story of the week on the boat.  We stayed on the Eastern Islands such as Cooper, Norman, Virgin Gorda, etc.  We dove on The Dogs and the Indians, and snorkeled everywhere we could.

The two boats - a Catana 47 and R&C 46 were a blast.  The 17 of us had an incredible time and enjoyed being in paradise with good friends.

I recorded about 8 GB of video with the GoPro Hero I purchased.  I trimmed it down to about 15 minutes for a YouTube posting.

I also put another 30 or so raw footage videos on YouTube.  You can find them by searching "eepstnet" or "SRYC BVI"

The video tells the story of the week very well.

The drinks came in buckets...

I had endless ideas for mounting the GoPro in odd places...

... and when I mounted it on a boat hook, I was able to get some cool shots and videos.

From any angle, it was beautiful there.

Only one more week until our boat hits the water. The Chesapeake Bay wont be nearly as clear, but it will be good to be out on the Bay.

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  1. Top notch video.... loved all the underwater footage, GoPro is awesome! definitely my next purchase.