Saturday, February 12, 2011

What's in your Ditch Bag?

I had made this for some friends about ten years ago, then found it for Ocean Dreamer to add to his Ditch Bag list.  Its a bit tongue-in-cheek.  I updated it a bit for modern technology...

Ditch Bag Items
  • EPIRB (cause the USCG like everyone else only uses technology these days)
  • PLB (cause the Coasties think only one emergency beacon is a false alarm)
  • Streamer (to float on the water so they find your body)
  • Life jackets (to keep the ditch bag floating - and you)
  • Flares (for a false sense of security)
  • Laser flare (to actually signal someone)
  • Cell phone (hopefully you have time to grab it and put it in a dry bag)
  • VHF radio (in a bag, to call for help since your cell phone is wet)
  • WX radio/world radio (to listen to music while trying to survive)
  • GPS (to know what no one else knows - where you are)
  • Water proof bags (for each piece of electronics you actually might need)
  • Water bottles (for that life saving liquid - rum)
  • Food bars (cause its bad to drink on an empty stomach)
  • Head lamp (to find the rum, and signal the Coastie who is busy texting on his cell phone)
  • Signal mirror (to annoy passing pilots and boat operators)
  • Compass (so you know which way home might be if you were only drifting that way)
  • Charts of the area (so you can be sure you are drifting the wrong way)
  • Exposure suit (to keep your skin from getting all wrinkled)
  • Strobe light (to keep beat with the music at night)
  • Batteries (cause all the ones in your electronics will most likely be dead)
  • Bailer (to keep your dinghy dry - if you remembered to untie it from the boat before it sank)
  • Hat (Cause sunburn sucks)
  • Sunglasses (might as well be comfortable)
  • Sunscreen (shark repellent)
  • First aid kit (for the boo boo you got when you abandoned ship)
  • Long pole or boat hook (to poke sharks or retrieve stuff that floated away)
  • Snorkeling mask (to see what is nibbling at you, or to watch the EBIRB or VHF sinking in to the depths)
  • Water shoes (to walk home across the reef you just hit)
  • 20 feet of 3/8" line (to tie your wife or other valuables to you)
  • Four 6 foot 1/8" lines (to tie stuff together so you don't need the long pole)
  • Crab pot floats (to tie to stuff that might sink - like everything in the bag when you open it)
  • Cash (cause if you are lucky enough to be rescued, you'll need cash to buy food so you don't starve)
  • A bathing suit (Cause your clothes are still in your cabin)
  • Waterproof camera (so you can take photos and make millions after you are rescued - or at least update your Blog)

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