Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Putting up the Cockpit Enclosure

When we purchased the boat in 2008, it had a full set of canvas for the hard top.  Panels were at different levels of age and condition.  A couple were moldy and opaque.

I went to a canvas shop for pricing and got prices from $5000 to $6500 for a full enclosure.  So Bonnie and I decided to make due with what we had, and possibly just buy a new from windshield section as two of the three panels were the worst and we could not see from the helm.

At the SSCA Annapolis GAM we came across the owner of Eisen Shine (http://eisenshine.com/) , a year old company that cleans Eisenglass.  He offered a great price to see what he could do.  So I dropped off the canvas Sunday morning.  It took him a few hours, but he got is all clean and it looks great.

Amazingly he was able to clean the worst four panels to almost like new.  They have the slightest yellow tint compared to the newer ones.  The newer ones were bad as well, and they all look like they have never been used.

I attached some photos.

The left panel was yellow and partially opaque.  Now it is perfectly clear.

The left most panel in this photo was also almost opaque.  Now it has only a slight tint of yellow.

The back panels had creases and a white haze.  Now it removed.
Another successful project.  Perhaps we are on a roll...

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