Sunday, October 28, 2012

Preparing for Sandy

We hoped we'd make it through the season with no hurricanes visiting Annapolis.  But it looks like we may not be so lucky.

Sandy is an odd storm with a combined occluded front from two weather systems coming from the west.  The media has named it Frankenstorm.  It has created a Nor'easter which started hitting the Bay three days ahead of Sandy - which right now just crossed into North Carolina (about 120 miles offshore).

Forecasters say it'll turn west and head to southern or mid New Jersey and bring huge storm surges to the north side (Sandy Point, NJ to Maine).   We'll be lucky on the south side to have only high winds and some rain.  The wind should drive water south in the Bay and leave us without any major flooding.

The Nor'easter before Hurricane Sandy 
Our friends in Cape Charles, VA may not be so lucky.  Down there, on the Eastern Shore, they can expect winds to drive water into their little harbor and perhaps cause some serious flooding.  We hope they will be fine, especially since we plan to be there Nov 6th to vote.

We spent yesterday and today prepping the boat for the storm, and also adding things for the trip south. The boat is looking great.  I can't wait to be on it, if only for short increments of time as we take it south, and as a winter home.

Bonnie added a chest freezer yesterday which sits in place of the table.  It looks like an ottoman, which I experimented with in April, but Bonnie nixed.  This time it was her idea.  The salon looks much more open.

I'll be checking on the boat throughout today and tomorrow. I also have to check the community docks as I am the volunteer Piers and Harbor chairman/harbor master.

More to follow on the storm and I'll try to get some good video.

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