Sunday, March 22, 2009

James to the Rescue

Poor Desert Star sat on the hard this past winter with blown out sails and two bent rudders. All wrapped up in tarps she looked pretty glum. Earlier this past week we got her cleaned up so she would look presentable when James came through on his way back to Canada. On Saturday I handed him a list of questions, repairs and projects.

He set to work on the rudders first. With Sandy's help and the socializing of our thoughts we formed a plan to use a 'come along', wood, tow straps, and line to 'crank' the rudders back into place. James' calibrated eye picked the right angles for straps and pressure points. I used a chain as a plum bob and Sandy gauged the spacing and stress on the steel.

It all worked like a charm and the rudders look as good a new. James is a miracle worker.

I took the old (but in excellent condition) jib and am having it re-cut slightly to fit on Desert Star. That will solve the head sail issue. So I just have to find a main sail to get her ready to a point I can start the Spring Commissioning.

More on project status to follow.

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