Monday, April 7, 2014

A week of fun and relaxation in Nassau

After this extra long and extra cold winter, it was really great to get away for a while.

We flew to Nassau to help our friend move his boat  from Nassau to Marsh Harbor.  Not that the crew needed any help, but it was a great excuse.

The weather was not favorable, with lots of wind predicted for the entire week.  So we decided to stay in Nassau.  Tokkie thought it would be fun to move the boat to the marina at Atlantis. So we did a short lap around Paradise Island and got a great slip at Atlantis.

Bonnie and I had never been there, so for us it was to be lots of fun.

Before we moved the boat, we went to Potter's Cay and had fresh Conch.  Our friends Kevin and Karen on M/V Avalon told us about Tall Boy's Conch Stand, and said he had the best conch.  He was also the first stall to serve prepared conch about 17 years ago.  The area was originally know as a market where you could buy fresh conch or vegetables.

Here is a video he has.

Our friend Kevin told us we needed to eat the Crystalline.  We asked Tall Boy for some, and he gave us four pieces.

Bonnie eating the Crystalline

I looked it up to see what it really was. Here is the link, and a short summary below.

CRYSTALLINE STYLE. Strombid Conchs as well as other Mollusks possess a gelatinous translucent rod, some 10 cms long, that may protrude from the visceral mass during cleaning procedure. In most Caribbean countries, this gelatinous rod is considered as aphrodisiac. In fact, it is the crystalline style which is an element of the digestive tract, secreted by the style sac which is an expansion of the stomach. It contains only digestive enzymes which are progressively dissolved in the stomach and takes part to the digestive process.

The boat move was event-less and very pleasant.

I love to snorkel, and have jumped in the water in some strange places.  Nassau harbor is actually very clear, but littered with junk.  I took video from the dock and from snorkeling in the harbor.  The compiled results are in the YouTube video below.

I still have to compile the water park, Atlantis, and Dolphin photos and video.  They'll be in the next post(s)

Thanks again to our friends Tokkie and Gail for having us on board for a week, and showing us such a great time.

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