Friday, August 9, 2013

Cape Charles Clam Slam 2013

We went down to Cape Charles by car this past weekend so that Bonnie could sell her solar lights at the Cape Charles Clam Slam.

She and Dora had a booth in a great location, and the activities were fun for me as well.

Calm Slam compiled videos of the Parade 
and Smith Island Skiff races.

The fun of small towns is their ability to 'stop and smell the roses' on the days events occur in town.  Everyone is happy as the people can walk to the events, the businesses are racking in cash, and there is a lot of entertainment on a scale that does not overwhelm the town.

While Bonnie was setting up the booth, I took a trip to the barrier islands to collect specific shells that she and Dora wanted.  The islands are some of my favorite places, as there are few, if any people, and nature is at its best.

I came upon a group of sharks feeding in the shallows behind some breakers.  They looked like dark moving spots in the water.  I came upon one and scared it away before realizing I needed to get some video.

Big Bull Shark in Shallows

It took a bit before he/she got startled enough from the boat to move.  I am guessing it was about 6 feet and was a Bull Shark by the profile.  Also the beach had a few dead Bull sharks washed up (probably from fishermen killing them).

Dink on the beach

The typical beach there.

There was one other person on my beach!

View towards the dunes

Me on the beach.
Incoming tide moving fast across the sand bar.

I did some fishing on the dink, and at the town pier.  Got a Rock Fish almost to the pier, but he got off with half my lure.  An older lady about 20 feet from me caught him about 30 minutes later. He was 28.5 inches.

Oh well, at least I did not have to clean it.

The drive was pleasant and we came home with three dozen soft shell crabs and lots of pears and other fruit Bonnie and Dora got.  Guess I'll be eating soft shells for a while.

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