Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Virginia Barrier Islands

We had a few days off and I finally got to spend some time on the Virginia Eastern Shore Barrier Islands.  I took the Avon RIB off of our catamaran and strapped it to the back of the pickup.  We got four great days in Cape Charles and I got some great videos of the islands.

I spent the first day on Little Cobb Island.  The island looked as if no one hand been ashore since last summer.  The second day, Dora and I went to Skidmoore Island and Smith Island (the Virginia, not Maryland Smith Island).

We found a four foot Bull shark dead on the beach, followed dolphins, and collected shells.

We also spent some time with Mark and Elizabeth's kids who are wonderfully bright and fun to have adventures with.  I think I may have committed myself to teach them how to make a saltwater aquarium.

We left the Avon down there for the next trip. [Did I mention we pick up our new AB RIB this Saturday?]


  1. The reason Little Cobb Island and Skidmore Island did not appear to have been visited is because it is illegal to do so. Both are closed. Specifically, for bird nesting, such as the active nest you filmed. Some contain unexploded ordnance. Yes, they are wonderful to visit, but they are off-limits.

    Island Closures: Parramore, Little Cobb, Ship Shoal and Revels Islands are CLOSED to visitor use at all times for scientific research and safety reasons.

    Fisherman and Skidmore Islands -

    Fisherman and Skidmore Islands are closed to the public. This includes beach areas.

    Call the Virginia Coast Reserve office at (757) 442-3049 for more information.

    A full listing can be found here:

  2. Thanks for the info Drew. Ignorance is bliss...