Monday, May 23, 2011

Launched and ready for summer

We finally got the boat launched and ready for summer.  She is on her mooring ball waiting for the next adventure.  We are wondering if we will have the money to take her south this winter - if only to use her a little.  If not, she'll be back on the 'hard' next winter.

Its not that we will suffer if we don't get to take her south this winter, but it would be very nice.   We also want to get down to St Thomas again, for a short trip sometime soon, and  we already have the tickets for early July in Croatia, via a stop in the UK.

If we don't get Dessie south this winter we will be chartering a boat in the Bahamas this Fall, so that we can get a feel for the islands. 

This week we will be watching the Blue Angels from the Severn River, and then off to Cambridge for the long weekend. Its a great way to start the season...

In the photo you'll see the International Orange rudder's on Dessie.  A guy nearby was painting his rudders and keel on his cat with this paint, as he was heading to Europe and wanted to make sure if he flipped, that someone would see the boat.  He gave me the leftover paint.  Although I certainly don't plan on flipping, I thought it was fun to do.  The travel lift operator at the marina thought they would be good for attracting Rockfish.

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  1. Hey if you need any help bringing Dessie down South, gimme the holler....I've lots of ditch time now from Charlestown to Key West. Great idea for those rudders. Jim