Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Big Pink Eyes on a Teal Sail

In August of 2008 when we purchased our PDQ 36, we knew it had a few names and a few owners, but did not know much about it.  It came with a Spinnaker and the boat's colors were very festive and Caribbean which Bonnie really liked.  One day when sailing up the Bay we decided to open the Asymmetrical spinnaker and see how well it worked.  When I pulled up the sock, I was very surprised  at what I saw.  

Bonnie loved it.  Its got some of her favorite colors.

Now, two years later it's still lots of fun to use and I get a kick out of seeing the looks on the faces of passing boaters.

I'd love to know what it looks like from a distance.  Certainly we'd be easy to pick out on the Bay.

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