Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring Project Successes

James cam through and of course did in two days, what would take me months, assuming I even had the skills.
He made a boom gallows our of Star-board.  It looks incredible and changes the entire look of the boat.  My solar cells are protected and I don't really need a toping lift anymore.  James also fixed all the broken latches and replace the more cover latches with ones that wont rattle.

I have been busy experimenting with Bow seats.  I came up with the idea to use rod holders to support the seat and also let me remove them.  Its all perfect, except my cutting skills with Star-board.  I will look for an off the shelf product or wait for James' next trip to have him cut some.

There is a broken tip off the molded aluminium block for the steering gear.  I noticed it this winter but am not sure how long its been that way.

I need to contact Sandy for the location for parts.  Hopefully it will last the summer.

Still have a lot to do, but am making progress.  While I have been tinkering on the boat, Bonnie has tiled a customer's bathroom, started on a second, helped Casey move to Ashley's old room, repainted and converted the old bedroom to an office, and will probably have the old office into a bedroom before the boat touches the water in May.  Of course Bonnie does rest now and then.  For a breather she mows, plants flowers, landscapes the yard and grows spices.  

Cant wait to hit the water!

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