Thursday, October 29, 2009

On shore for the winter

Desert Star is on the 'hard' for the winter.  We have lots of winterizing projects to do and need to ponder shrink wrapping her.  There are only about four places on the Bay that can lift such as wide boat.  It was a great sail down.  The wind was from the north at 20 kts and I motored sailed at 7 to 9 kts all the way down the Bay.  Of course it rained the entire time and was a bit cold.  But I am very glad I was not beating to windward on such a cold and nasty day.

Bonnie drove to meet me and we watched the crew put her up on blocks.  We tried her sitting a bit 'bow up' this year in the hope that less water would pool in lockers, etc.

We have a bunch of winter projects to get done.  Hopefully November will have lots of warm days for us to do work.

We have a lot of trips and events this winter as well.  We are trying to figure out where to charter this winter.  We also need to fit in a trip to Europe - of at all possible.

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