Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Prep for Honeymoon

Its less than 30 days to our wedding in the Dominican Republic. Unfortunately with 5 kids in tow and about 50+ other family and friends we won't be sailing down.

But assuming the weather permits, we will fly home on July 8th and within a day or two set sail north on our honeymoon.

Our goal is to try for at least Block Island in the time we have. As we both own small businesses and five kids ranging from 16 to 22 will be left guarding the houses, we are not sure how long we can escape for.

Bonnie has never sailed in the ocean, but has sailed on watches for over 150 miles. This will be a big experience for her. I made my first run off the Jersey shore at 16 - long before GPS. My dad taught me how to use a radio direction finder in the mid 1970s.

We expect to sail via at least one stop at Long Beach Island where I grew up and discovered sailing as a boy.

I am slowly prepping the boat for the trip. Sandy(s/v Page 83) gave us and old main sail and we have a spare so we are ready for any blow-outs. ;-)

We still need to get the spinnaker fixed.

The spring thunderstorms appear greater in number than a typical June. Perhaps its just the timing during boat project days.

This weekend is the Friday night party at Mears. Bonnie has volunteered to help and I will bring the boat around for the night.

Last weekend we only had one night on the boat, as it was Prom night the next night for Ashley. We met up with a young couple who have plans to live aboard their boat. Bonnie and I are very happy, and envious that they are have such a great plan at such a young age. If I could only go back...

I had an old Honda 5hp outboard in the shed I loaned them so they can get around in their ancient dinghy and avoid water taxi charges. Hopefully it will stay reliable for them. Eventually when they make their way south, they will need a tougher dinghy and bigger engine as it will be their 'car' in the Caribbean. Until then, there was not reason for them to buy an engine.

Their Blog is really cute to follow. Its at http://www.sailblogs.com/member/joeynchristine/. We'll all expect great adventures from them.

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